Month: October 2013

Dissertation now online

Hi, the school I did my PhD at did not publish my dissertation for some unknown reason – they are usually pretty good at self-archiving these things. This might have been out of copyright reasons(?). However, I found out that all publishers allow me to self-archive the articles. Thus, I have no problem putting the …

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Depth perception in small, flying animals – Introduction

Just recently the last article from my PhD thesis was published by Frontiers in Integrative Neurophysiology! I want to explain to you over the next few posts what my thesis was all about – several posts because I don’t like long posts :P. So, today I start with this brief introduction: My collaborators and I …

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Deleted Users

Hi, I deleted all users from the forum. If you had a real account, I apologize, but it looked like there were only spam accounts (~250). I installed a plug in that is supposed to prevent spam registrations. Hopefully this works. Dennis