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Editing for Brevity

Word or character limits are there for a reason. The journals want to nudge the authors to keep it concise. So far, we paid attention to which information goes into your text; ensuring that there is no unnecessary and distracting information. 

But conciseness also lies within the wording. So, we also look at sentences, phrases, and words to free your text from the noise that is obscuring the information you want to convey.

By Dr. Dennis Eckmeier

I am a neuroscientist from Germany with a background in biology. I was awarded a doctorate at Bielefeld University (Germany) in 2010. Currently I work in Portugal as a postdoctoral fellow. I am specialized in sensory processing in vertebrates and animal behavior, further touching on cognitive aspects such as depth perception, memory formation, modulation of brain state and awareness. My studies involve in vivo electrophysiology and optical imaging aswell as video tracking of behavior.

I blog about science, specificaly neuroscience, and the scientific community. You can contact me directly using the contact form.