1. Quote Inquiry

If you are interested in having your manuscript edited by me, sent your documents via email to dennis@eckmeier.de, and include information about

  • the recipient of your submission:
    journal or funding institute, author guidelines, and scope
  • whether you want only text editing, peer review, or looking for in-depth consulting
  • your deadline, when you need to have the manuscript back in your hands

The quote will include an estimated price and turn-around time. It will further be accompanied by two edited pages of your manuscript. This way you can decide whether you will receive what you expected.

1.1. pricing

Prices will depend on the length of the manuscript, on the level of service you ask for, and how often the manuscript is going back and forth between us. A translation will be priced like a co-authorship.

I offer a 5% refund in support of OpenScience if a journal article I worked on is made openly accessible on a preprint server or as open access publication. Simply provide me with the acceptance letter or link. ‘Hybrid’ journals that charge open access fees in addition to subscription fees are excluded from this offer.

1.2. turn around time

My goal is to keep turn around times as short as possible! However, I might be already working on other manuscripts. I will give you an honest estimate with your quote. Make sure to include your deadlines in your request. The price does not depend on the amount of time the manuscript is in my hands.

2. payment

Payments can be done via credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer.

3. Confidentiality

Trust and integrity are extremely important to me! Your work is safe in my hands and will be treated with utmost confidentiality, as soon as you enquire about a quote.

4. Conflicts of Interest

I am not an active researcher, so a conflict of interest should not be an issue.

5. Ethical Conduct

All rules of scientific and ethical conduct apply. Be particularly aware that journals expect consulting and editing services to be mentioned in the acknowledgments.

Because of this, I further reserve the right to refuse to work on manuscripts that I find questionable.