I am trying to get better at sharing my programming work on GitHub – as everything, it’s work in progress!

Scientific Programming:
Semi-automated stimulation, tracking of animal behavior, and data analysis.

I have been programming casually since high school, which gave me an edge over other biology students when I began working as a researcher. Already in my undergraduate thesis I built and programmed a custom system for behavioral experiments. I wrote a Visual Basic program that controlled a synthesizer to emulate the mating calls of male Oriental Fire-bellied Frogs, based on bio-acoustic measurements by Schneider et al. (1986). With this program I conducted open loop and closed loop experiments that replicated older field-work on the alternating calling strategies of male fire-bellied frogs when competing for the attention of females.

Moving on to a PhD and following postdoctoral positions, I used Matlab, LabView and the more specialized script languages for electrophysiology data acquisition, like Spike2, and the graphical programming for Tucker Davis Technology processors.  I wrote a range of semi-automatic, customized stimulation protocols, data acquisition, and post-hoc data analysis.

Currently in development:

  • RocurManager (no working version, yet)
    (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PhP, wordpress, since September, 2018)
    A rotating curation account (short: rocur) features changing curators, usually on a weekly basis. This plugin is aimed at streamlining the administration of such an account. Features I want to include, are: the schedule for the next few months, a curator profile manager, automatic archiving of past curators, add the tweets from the curator to the archived records (assigned by date), a references list made of links shared by the curator.
  • Podcast Promo Maker (Python 3.7, started in August, 2018)
    The Podcast Promo Maker is both, my first project in Python, as well as the attempt to make advertising for my science advocacy project “Science for Progress” easier.
    It takes a wave file, some text, and a background image, and creates from it a video to share on social media. The video is formatted to comply with social media norms.
    Here is the first promo video I made for Science for Progress: