Good writing is essential!

Whether you are preparing an article to submit to a peer reviewed journal, or applying for funding, a fellowship, or a job:

Your writing needs to be concise, clear, and convincing!

Let me help you reach your goals! I offer professional feedback on your writing as a peer scientist with over a decade of experience as a scholar and researcher in neuroscience!

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I will provide professional feedback on your manuscript draft, assisting with grammar, and clarity of the text and the figures. I will also check that the author guidelines are adhered to, and that the references are complete.

peer review / scientific consulting

In the area of behavioral and systems neuroscience I can help with feedback on your content, as well. Check my CV to see if I would be an appropriate reviewer! My reviews are friendly. But to be helpful, they will have to be honest, too. If you ask for a peer review, it will include copy-editing.

scientific consulting for non-academic media

I am a big fan of science fiction, and science communication. Contact me, if you want me to check on the science in your non-academic work!