Academic writing can be tricky…

let me help you!

Whether you are preparing an article to submit to a peer reviewed journal, or explain your research objectives to receive funding, a fellowship, or a job: In order to make the best possible impression, you want your writing to be conciseclear, and convincing for people who aren’t familiar with your particular niche.

An outsider’s opinion will spare you hours of writing and editing! I offer professional feedback on your writing as a peer scientist with over a decade of experience as a scholar and researcher in neuroscience!


I will provide professional feedback on your manuscript draft, assisting with grammar, and clarity of the text and the figures. I will also check that the author guidelines are adhered to, and that the references are complete.

peer review

In the area of behavioral and systems neuroscience I can help with feedback on your content, as well. Check my CV to see if I would be an appropriate reviewer! My reviews are friendly. But to be helpful, they will have to be honest, too. If you ask for a peer review, it will include copy-editing.


Under the condition that I will be added as a (minor) author, I will be willing to write significant amounts of the manuscript. However, I will not write a text for somebody else to claim authorship on it. Such academic ghostwriting is unethical, and it also wouldn’t allow me to add the work to my portfolio.

scientific consultant for non-academic media

I am a big fan of science fiction, and science communication. Contact me, if you want me to check on the science in your non-academic work!

confidentiality, and conflict of interest

Your trust and my own integrity are extremely important to me! Your work is safe in my hands, and will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Since I am not an active researcher, conflicts of interest do not apply, either.

turn-around time

Please understand that turn around times depend on how many manuscripts I am currently working on. I will give you an honest estimate with your quote. Make sure to include your deadlines in your request. The price does not depend on the amount of time the manuscript is in my hands.


Prices will depend on length of the manuscript, on the level of service you ask for (copy-editing, peer review, or co-authorship), and how often the manuscript is going back and forth between us. A translation will be priced like a co-authorship.

For a realistic quote, I will need:
– your draft
– the name, guidelines, and official call of the recipient of the manuscript
– a description of what kind of help you want from me.

To request a quote, please contact me by email:

Open Access discount!

I am an advocate for Open Science practices. If the paper I work on is made openly accessible on a preprint server or as open access publication, I will re-fund 5% of the final price. Simply provide me with the acceptance letter or link. Hybrid journals that charge additional fees to make an article openly accessible are excluded from this offer.

Referral discount!

If you refer me to a new customer, you both will receive a 5% discount on your next quotes. You are eligible for a referral discount once in either role.