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Employed Work

writer / editor at TWENTYTWO FILM
(since May 2022)
YouTube channel “Doktor Whatson” [DE]

Own Projects

Expedition in die Forschung [DE]
(since 2021)
Science Podcast
Digital SciComm [ENG]
(since 2021)
Teaching SciComm Online


2019 – nowSocial Media Management and Social Media Creator for Science Slam by Dr. Julia Offe [DE]

Freelance writer for prize-winning science journalist and YouTuber Dr. Mai Thi Ngyuen-Kim, “Superintelligent durch Brain Machine Interface” [DE]


11/01-08/2021 @RealSci_DE (guest curator, Twitter) [DE]

“Science Communication”; talk at the PhD Symposium of the Bernstein Conference 2020, Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience [ENG]
„Podcasting: So geht’s“, Workshop Presenter / Facilitator at Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation [DE]
2017Co-Organizer for March for Science in Lisbon, Portugal


Feb 2022Guest on Podcast “Aus dem Elfenbeinturm” [DE]
2021Featured on NeuWrite SD [ENG]
2020Profile on wissenschaftskommunikation.de [DE]
2020Interview for Crastina [ENG]


Own Projects

20192020Producing video tutorials on scientific scholarship and science communication, YouTube [ENG]
2017 – 2021Science for Progress (solo project)
– Twitter rotating curation account @sfprocur
– Science for Societal Progress podcast


10/26/2018Recovering Academic podcast
05/27/2018“Psycho-Talk” on Artificial Intelligence [GER]
03/15/2017“BartoCast” on Neuroscience, and Artificial Intelligence in society and Science Fiction [GER]

Volunteering in SciComm

11/01-08/2021 @RealSci_DE (guest curator, Twitter)
03/03/20191 hr live AMA on @theaddictivebrain, Instagram

Curator of the twitter account of the Champalimaud public outreach project (@ArBreatheWithUs).
02/25/2018@RecoveringAcad (guest curator, Twitter)
10/29/2018@RealSci_DE (guest curator, Twitter)
03/13-18/2018@sfprocur (guest curator, Twitter)
02/16-23/2017@RealSci_DE (guest curator, Twitter)
2012-2014Member of the ‘Demystifying Science’ lecture series committeeCold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, USA
08/2013Talk ‘Follow Your Nose’ at Demystifying Science lecture series atCSHL
04/2013Talk “Learning to Smell Each Other.” Great Moments in DNA Science
2013Honors Seminars, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA LearningCenter
09/2012Talk “Exploring the 3rd Dimension” at Demystifying Science lectureseries at CSHL