Global crises demand science literacy.

That’s why I communicate to the public, what is being researched, how, why and by whom.

I became an independent science communicator in 2018 and I specialized in digital media. I have expertise in podcast and video production, as well as social media management.

I’m a biologist with a PhD in neuroscience and I spent several years as a postdoctoral researcher (CV).

Digital SciComm
for Researchers [ENG]

Learn how to communicate science on social media, podcasts and webvideos on my tutorial project Digital SciComm.

Expedition in
die Forschung [DE]

Learn about the latest research and the researchers behind it on my German language podcast Expedition in die Forschung.


In May 2022, I started a new job as a writer/editor for the young science video production firm TWENTYTWO Film, based in Cologne, Germany. They are most famous for their YouTube-Channel “Doktor Whatson” and that’s the format I am writing scripts for. On May 29th, Doktor Whatson released the first video based on a script …

Featured In “Aus dem Elfenbeinturm”

As a guest on the (German language) podcast “Aus dem Elfenbeinturm” (‘From the Ivory Tower’), I was asked to talk about my career path. From student to PhD in neuroscience and, finally(?), science communicator.

I Made A Video about De-Extinction for a Competition

The science communication competition “Fast Forward Science” is an award funded by different public and private entities in Germany. I made a first contribution in 2019, when I made a video about some core principles of neuroscience. This year, the focus of the award was broadened so I could submit a podcast episode, an Instagram …

I was featured on NeuWrite SD

A couple of months back, Ariane Pessentheiner interviewed me about my work as a researcher and my eventual transition to science communication. She wrote a very nice article about it, which I enjoyed reading very much. It was published by the NeuWrite San Diego science communication blog. Please, enjoy and follow Ariane on Instagram or …

Old Man with a Clarinet

Wednesdays I work on an eLearning project with my dad. 🙂 He’s been a clarinet teacher for more than 40 years. A couple of weeks into the pandemic he decided I should help him teach the clarinet on YouTube 😂. His channel is called ‘Old Man with a Clarinet’, and it’s in German 😜 We …