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New Website Feature

Since I am much more active submitting links and articles on Twitter than I am writing my blog, I added a new page to my website. Under ‘MicroBlog‘ you will now find a list of tweets that include links to interesting stuff that I posted under the hashtag #science. I might have not been too …

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My first Preprint Server Submission

This weekend I happily completed a manuscript describing my recent postdoctoral work. We took the opportunity to try a further step into what hopefully will be the future of publishing. So, next to submitting the manuscript to a well-known, peer-reviewed neuroscience journal, I made a version for bioRxiv. This is a preprint server that is …

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Psychology studies suffer from using mean values.

This paper discusses issues I touched on in my last post on using proper statistical representation of data: Speelman CP and McGann M (2013) How mean is the mean? Front. Psychol. 4:451.