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early career academics and the fuss about glam

Trying to publish glamorously in a high impact factor journal is not a bad thing if you do it purely by having a great, high quality study to publish that changes the world – or at least influences your field. But reading such ‘glam pubs’ I sometimes feel they were pushed into that journal by just boldly overselling the work’s importance. Scientists are usually very carefull with their statements. So what makes them completely oversell what they did? I think it is the high competition among early career scientists and career path insecurity.
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Users deleted and comments closed


due to the high spam rate I was forced to delete all registered users and close comments. Until I found out how to block spammers automatically, commenting will be open for only 5 days after a post was published.

Feel free to send comments through the contact form and I will post them for you.


update 8/8/2013 – I installed an anti-spam plugIn and hope this will solve the problem. Comments are back to being open for 21 days after the article was posted.