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independent work

“Dennis’ comments helped me a lot in the process of refining my doctoral thesis to make it more comprehensible for readers from other research areas. Not only did he have the necessary neuroscientific background knowledge – he also demonstrated a precise feeling for rephrasing scientific writing to make it accurate and understandable.”

PhD candidate,
prefers to remain unnamed

Text sample: research statement

Text sample: research proposal, motivation

Peer Reviewer: profile on Publons

work with Dr. Megan R. Carey, Champalimaud Research

“Dennis is a highly experienced neuroscientist with broad training in behavioral and systems neuroscience. He is passionate about science communication and advocacy, and it is exciting to see him combine that passion with his scientific expertise in his role as a freelance scholar. He was born for this!”

Dr. Megan R. Carey,
Principal Investigator,
Champalimaud Research

work with Dr. Stephen D Shea, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

“I worked closely with Dr. Eckmeier for several years. He is a very careful scientist, and he puts a lot of thought into his very clear writing. He is also a very rigorous and exacting critic. I am confident that with these skills, he will sharpen your manuscripts and grant proposals.”

Dr. Stephen D Shea,
Associate Professor,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Text sample: full research article Eckmeier & Shea, 2014
Text sample: research proposal

work with Dr. Hans-Joachim Bischof, Bielefeld University

“My former PhD student Dennis Eckmeier is a reliable source of feedback and advice for neurobiologists. Dennis is a quiet person, but very approachable. As any excellent scientist, he is also intelligent, clear thinking, skeptical, and has many original and attractive ideas. His extraordinary diligence, and high expectations are reflected in all his work. He knows how to shape publications to perfection, and how to respond constructively to difficult reviewers.”

Dr. Hans-Joachim Bischof,
Professor emeritus,
Bielefeld University

Text sample: full research article Eckmeier et al, 2013

word template for journal style manuscript formatting

In 2014 I made a word template to format a manuscript like a “real” paper, based on my own submission to bioRxiv. This template is free to use, but please don’t forget the attribution!

“I just used your template for our latest @biorxivpreprint and it was beautiful”

Dr. Leslie Vosshall,
Robin Chemers Neustein Professor,
The Rockefeller University
via Twitter, 17. August 2018

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