independent work

Text sample: research statement

Text sample: research proposal, motivation

Peer Reviewer: profile on Publons

work with Dr. Stephen D Shea, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Text sample: full research article Eckmeier & Shea, 2014

Text sample: research proposal

work with Dr. Hans-Joachim Bischof, Bielefeld University

Text sample: full research article Eckmeier et al, 2013

word template for journal-style manuscript formatting

In 2014, I made a word template to format a manuscript like a “real” paper, based on my own submission to bioRxiv. This template is free to use, but please don’t forget the attribution!

“I just used your template for our latest @biorxivpreprint and it was beautiful”

Dr. Leslie Vosshall,
Robin Chemers Neustein Professor,
The Rockefeller University
via Twitter, 17. August 2018